Vacatures, congressen en ander nieuws

  • Chaos in de rechtbank door inzet van minder goede tolken

    15 oktober 2021 Werkloosheid onder de hoogst gekwalificeerde tolken, conflicten met commerciële bemiddelingsbureaus, het Openbaar Ministerie dat de regels overtreedt en signalen van rechtsongelijkheid: de nieuwe regels voor tolken in de rechtbank leiden tot chaos en onvrede. Vijf ongewenste effecten op een rij.

  • Crossing Border Festival

    12 oktober 2021 Meer dan 80 auteurs en muzikanten komen 4-6 november vanuit de hele wereld naar Den Haag voor de 2021 editie van Crossing Border. Het festival vindt plaats in nieuwe locaties in het historische centrum van Den Haag.

    Crossing Border is hét internationaal toonaangevende literatuur- en muziekfestival van Nederland, opgericht in 1992 in Den Haag. Een plek waar grenzen tussen bezoekers, artiesten en disciplines verdwijnen.

  • ITI online workshop: Getting started in patent translation

    12 oktober 2021 18 January 2022 9.30am – 12.30pm GMT

    Patent translation is an excellent niche to specialise in, especially if you already have some experience with technical translation more generally. This workshop will provide a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills you will require if you are a translator looking to start or further your patent translation career, or if you are a reviewer or project manager who regularly encounters patents.

  • TiNT 2021 - Brugge, 15 oktober 2021

    07 oktober 2021 Terminologie en communicatie: van Simon Stevin tot vandaag

    De Nederlands-Vlaamse veldorganisatie NL-Term organiseert haar jaarlijkse TiNT-dag op 15 oktober 2021 in hartje Brugge. TiNT staat voor "Terminologie in het Nederlandse Taalgebied". TiNT 2021 neemt de veelzijdige humanist Simon Stevin als inspiratie. Hij was van oordeel dat vaktermen begrijpelijk moeten zijn voor sprekers van de volkstaal. Dankzij hem spreken we bijvoorbeeld nog over een driehoek en over meetkunde.

  • TiNT 2021: Terminologie en communicatie: Brugge, 15 oktober 2021

    30 september 2021 TiNT 2021: Terminologie en communicatie:
    Van Simon Stevin tot vandaag
    Brugge, 15 oktober 2021

    De Nederlands-Vlaamse veldorganisatie NL-Term ( organiseert haar jaarlijkse TiNT-dag op 15 oktober 2021 in hartje Brugge. TiNT staat voor “Terminologie in het Nederlandse Taalgebied”. TiNT 2021 neemt de veelzijdige humanist Simon Stevin als inspiratie. Hij was van oordeel dat vaktermen begrijpelijk moeten zijn voor sprekers van de volkstaal. Dankzij hem spreken we bijvoorbeeld nog over een driehoek en over meetkunde.

  • Panelgesprek over zichtbaarheid voor literair vertalers

    30 september 2021 Op maandag 25 oktober om 15:00 uur organiseert het Expertisecentrum Literair Vertalen een online panelgesprek over zichtbaarheid voor literair vertalers. Deelnemers zijn Canan Marasligil, Andrea Kluitmann, Edgar de Bruin en Nathalie Tabury. Het evenement maakt deel uit van de jubileumviering van het ELV. Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich nu aanmelden.

  • Free online event: Clear writing for Europe 2021

    29 september 2021 Wednesday 13 - Thursday 14 October 2021

    Clear writing for Europe will be a chance to exchange ideas for ways to communicate more clearly in writing with the citizens of Europe, to share experiences and to learn about the EU institutions' work in this area. The conference will be an opportunity to:

    - raise awareness about the importance and benefits of clear writing and emphasise the need for clear and inclusive language;
    - promote cooperation, improve knowledge sharing and exchange best practices.

    Join us to get inspired, learn more, and build your networks! This event will also be a chance to look to the future and see what we can all to do to promote a clear writing culture in Europe.

    This conference is being hosted by the team within the Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation behind the clear writing campaign. The team is working in partnership with other EU institutions to showcase EU efforts on clear and effective written communication with EU citizens.

  • Free CIOL webinar: What does the future hold for translators and interpreters

    29 september 2021 Fri, Jan 7, 2022 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CET

    Do translators and interpreters live in a scary new
    post-pandemic world? What will 2022 hold for our profession? How has the global pandemic impacted our profession? Is RSI here to stay? Will translators and interpreters face the fate of horses? While everyone has an opinion, but no one has a crystal ball, one thing is certain: there will be changes, and the best we can do is to learn about what is (probably) coming, keep up-to-date on new developments, and think about how to adapt and evolve. Judy Jenner will present a high-level view of what she thinks is coming (she may have lost her crystal ball in a Vegas casino) and how linguists can ensure their success in this decade, the next one, and beyond.

  • Free CIOL webinar: Translation and Transcreation: Diversifying your Services

    29 september 2021 Fri, Oct 29, 2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST

    In this presentation, we will introduce the world of transcreation This relatively new term, visibly coined from “translation” and “creation,” is being heard more and more often. But what exactly are we, linguists, supposed to do when this is requested? What do our clients expect? And what about their clients? We will define transcreation from both the point of view of the clients and the translators. We will cover the scope analysis of a transcreation project, including important considerations regarding the marketing mix and the transcreation brief, and all the questions that need to be asked before starting in order to ensure success.

    We will also suggest a process to approach transcreation, and review the related terminology generally used to refer to it. After that, we will discuss practical steps to complete a transcreation project, as well as ideas about how to charge for it. Finally, we will take a look at the potential risks we will face when accepting a transcreation project, and how to mitigate them.


    29 september 2021 "Two desks are available from October 1st.

    If you are a translator based in Amsterdam or nearby (the office is just a 10-minute walk from Central Station) or you know any fellow translator around, you might find our set-up interesting, so please feel free to spread the word about our project.

    Since 2014, we are a small international community of translators sharing a beautiful office space in the Jordaan, strategically located between Haarlemmerdijk and Brouwersgracht.

    The office is located on the commercial ground floor of an amazing 17th-century building that houses an art gallery and other office spaces on every floor. We have 2 full-time and/or flex desks available at the moment. The space can accommodate up to 8 people.

    - Your own big desk
    - 24/7 access
    - In-room meeting table
    - A work environment, which is concentration- and client-friendly at the same time
    - Personal storage space
    - High-speed Internet 500MB download - 40MB upload (wired and wireless)
    - Projector & Chromecast
    - Kitchen
    - Long space between desks and windows opened on a regular basis during corona period
    - Multifunction printer
    - Bathroom with shower
    - Cleaning service
    - And, last but not least, a helpful knowledge-sharing community of experienced, savvy translators around you.

    The rent is between €65 and €189, including service costs and excluding BTW. It involves a deposit and a flexible 2-month agreement (either party may cancel at any time subject to two months' notice).

    Drop me a line at if you are interested."

  • The 2022 Chartered Institute of Linguists Conference programme is now available

    29 september 2021 "We are delighted to announce the 2022 CIOL Conference which takes place in etc.venues St Paul's, London on 11 and 12 March 2022! After well over a year of online events and Zoom meetings, we are thrilled to be welcoming delegates face-to-face and truly bring language professionals back together.

    We have an exciting line-up of speakers to deliver presentations on translation, interpreting, education, business and much more. Plus, for the first time, the CIOL Awards will also be presented during the conference.

    So don't miss out – book your place today at our early bird prices."

  • Vacature: Nationale Opera & Ballet is op zoek naar een vertaler Nederlands-Engels

    29 september 2021 De kerntaak van de functie is het vertalen van Nederlandse tekst naar Engelse (UK) tekst. Voor De Nationale Opera, maar ook generieke en corporate teksten voor Nationale Opera & Ballet. Het betreft interne en externe communicatie en er zit een grote afwisseling in de soorten teksten die je gaat vertalen. Het is voor jou elke keer weer de uitdaging om de juiste boodschap te duiden en deze te vertalen.

    Een aantal voorbeelden van te vertalen teksten: première uitnodigingen, e-mails, persberichten, artikelen, interviews, credits, webteksten, berichten van de directie en teksten in programmaboeken & brochures.

    (Met dank aan Rob Bradley voor de tip.)

  • Inside DeepL

    17 september 2021 Inside DeepL: The World’s Fastest-Growing, Most Secretive Machine Translation Company

    How DeepL outmaneuvered big tech, won a following, and is now rapidly moving into machine translation as a managed service for enterprise customers.

  • De Taalsector Presenteert: de tekstcorrector - 17 september 2021

    09 september 2021 Wil je weten wat je allemaal kan doen met talen? Of ben je al een ervaren taalprofessional en wil je je kennis over de taalsector uitbreiden? Meld je aan voor De Taalsector Presenteert - een serie online lunchsessies waarin De Taalsector telkens een taalberoep presenteert. Noteer alvast De Taalsector Presenteert najaar 2021: 17 september, 15 oktober, 19 november en 17 december telkens van 12.00 tot 13.15 uur. Deelnemen aan De Taalsector Presenteert is gratis.

    Op 17 september van 12.00 tot 13.15 uur praten we over de tekstcorrector.

  • 2021 Juvenes Translatores contest

    09 september 2021 The annual Juvenes Translatores translation contest, which started in 2007, is aimed at highlighting the ever-growing need for translation and translators in Europe. Juvenes Translatores raises awareness of the importance of translation skills and the need to reassess translation – as a means of ‘mediating’ between languages – in the context of language learning.

    The competition website includes ways for students to prepare, practice texts, winning translations from previous years, and more.

    (Met dank aan Juliette Scott voor de tip.)



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