Vacatures, congressen en ander nieuws

  • Free EU webinar: Legal Translation in the 21st Century

    15 april 2021 Tomorrow, Friday 16 April 2021, 9.00 – 12.30 (EEST) there is a webinar entitled “Legal Translation in the 21st Century” which will be live-streamed from Romania. It forms part of the European Commission’s “Translating Europe” workshop series.

    (Met dank aan Juliette Scott voor de tip.)

  • UTICamp-2021 preliminary program

    14 april 2021 Great news – our preliminary program is finally ready:

    prominent speakers from Ukraine and abroad will share their experience and trending knowledge both on-site and online and make your participation worthwhile;
    over 60 inspiring presentations on successful business practices and global growth, newest trends in the profession and localization market overviews, improving your professional and soft skills, and turning today’s obstacles into opportunities.

  • Free CIOL webinar: Fascinating Rhythm:The Sweet Sound of Musical Writing

    14 april 2021 With Oliver Lawrence
    Fri, May 21, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CEST

    In this world of hurriedly written, poorly edited or machine-translated flam, there’s an aspect of wordsmithery that can help your work stand out.
    Euphonics.The ability, that is, to write not just clearly and incisively but melodiously, too. If we can craft texts that sound sublime, then we’ll be doing that bit more to seduce our readers, delight our clients and – why not? – spread a little verbal happiness.

  • Free CIOL guide for translators: Exploring translation technology

    14 april 2021 The human touch is key behind all translation projects, but dealing with large-scale translation projects in multiple languages can be difficult. In those cases, human translators can guide Machine Translation so it can reach an acceptable quality with the speed and volume required. In this guide, Maria del Mar Strange looks into some translation tools that are currently in the market.

    (N.B. Register as a guest user to download a free copy of the report.)

  • Free webinar: Freewriting with Kathy Hopewell

    13 april 2021 Thu, 22 April 2021
    19:00 – 20:00 CEST

    Freewriting is a wonderful way to break through writer’s block or to summon up the courage to begin writing if you’ve never written before. This free Zoom session is an hour-long, relaxed and enjoyable introduction to freewriting. My aim is to give you the space and time to try freewriting for the first time, or to try doing it in a new way.

    I'll explain the benefits of freewriting and share my tried and tested methods with you. Then we'll do some timed freewriting together.

    (Met dank aan Liz Butijn-Cross voor de tip.)

  • Online congres: APTIS 2021 'Evolving Profiles: The Future of Translation and Interpreting Training'

    12 april 2021 Dublin City University, 18-19 November 2021 (new dates)​

    APTIS 2021 is going online! Making a virtue out of the virtual, we will increase access to the conference, while continuing to ensure the trademark dynamism and interactivity of the APTIS conference. APTIS invites proposals for 15-minute papers and 60-minute hands-on workshops for its 3rd Annual Conference.

  • Vacature: vertaler Engels bij de ECB in Frankfurt, Duitsland

    06 april 2021 As an English Translator you will, with a focus on effective communication:
    - produce high-quality translations into English from at least two official EU languages of a broad range of materials in the fields of banking supervision and monetary policy;
    - contribute to the drafting/editing of public communication and website content, including social media posts, for the general public;
    - edit and proofread ECB materials in the fields of banking supervision and monetary policy which have been drafted in English by native and non-native speakers, correcting errors of grammar, consistency and style, and ensuring a high-quality finished product tailored to the target audience;
    - quality-check/revise editing and translation work produced both externally and in house;
    - contribute to developing clear writing initiatives, updating the ECB’s English Style Guide, and providing linguistic and drafting advice in English.

    (Met dank aan Juliette Scott voor de tip.)

  • A Year After Covid, Belgian Interpreters Continue to Reel From Lost Income

    01 april 2021 The twin blows of Covid and the seasonality of work to begin with have severely affected the livelihood of conference interpreters, according to the latest annual report released by the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (CBTI-BKVT).

    Published on March 17, 2021 in French and Dutch, the report highlighted the results of a survey that showed conference interpreters seeing their income decline by about 50% in the months following the pandemic. Translators, although not as badly hit, still saw their income shrink by 15% over the same period.

  • Free seminar: legal drafting, with Joseph Kimble (and others)

    31 maart 2021 Tomorrow, Thursday, 1 April 2021, at noon-2:00 p.m. (EST), the Kimble Center for Legal Drafting in the United States presents its second seminar — free to lawyers, law students, and anyone else interested in improving their professional writing.

    The seminar will be presented by Professors Joseph Kimble (WMU-Cooley), Mark Cooney (WMU-Cooley), and Patrick Berry (University of Michigan). These three experienced and widely published experts will pack 30 useful tips into a fast-paced two hours.

    Professor Kimble will offer drafting advice; Professor Cooney, general advice on writing in plain language; and Professor Berry, advice on persuasive writing. But most of the tips will be valuable for all forms of legal writing.

    (Met dank aan Juliette Scott voor de tip.)

  • Free seminar: English as a Lingua Nordica: An English of our own

    29 maart 2021 14.4.2021 16.00–19.00

    Is the English that we use here in the Nordic countries different from other Englishes? How and why do we use English in the Nordic countries?

    English as a Lingua Nordica opens up discussion on topics on the English that is spoken in Nordic countries. This first seminar presented by Nordic Editors and Translators (NEaT) and Nordic Culture Point will focus on the English in actual use and its controversies, based on current research in the field at the universities of Helsinki and Turku.

    (Met dank aan Jenny Zonneveld voor de tip.)

  • Video conferencing etiquette

    29 maart 2021 In this video, etiquette coach William Hanson from The English Manner gives some suggested tips as to how to effectively video conference from home with colleagues and co-workers.

    (Met dank aan Juliette Scott voor de tip.)

  • Free Yale University course in financial markets

    26 maart 2021 "Offered by Yale University in the USA and taught by Nobel prizewinner Robert Shiller, this beginner’s guide to “Financial Markets” is available on Coursera, the MOOC platform, and is free unless you require a certificate."

    (Met dank aan Juliette Scott voor de tip.)

  • DeepL Adds 13 European Languages as Traffic Continues to Surge

    24 maart 2021 On March 17, 2021, the world’s most popular non-Big Tech machine translation provider, DeepL, announced that it had added support for 13 European languages. The languages are Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Swedish.

    The Germany-based machine translation provider estimated that this will increase their reach by some 105 million additional native speakers. The DeepL online translator now supports a total of 26 languages, including variants such as US and UK English, as well as Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Stem en rijkdom Door Andrea Kluitmann

    24 maart 2021 "Ik herinner me dat een collega en ik ooit allebei heel graag een roman wilden vertalen waarin ziekte een grote rol speelde. Zij kreeg de opdracht en zei dat ze dat ook gepast vond omdat ze veel meer ervaring had met ziekte dan ik. Dat was ook zo, maar toch weet ik dat ik het boek in kwestie uitstekend had kunnen vertalen; bij het lezen al sprong de Duitse tekst tegen me op als een jonge hond. Je hoeft niet zwaar ziek te zijn geweest om verhalen over ziekte te vertalen, je hoeft geen man te zijn om taal te vinden voor een man, geen hetero als je te vertalen boek gaat over een man-vrouwrelatie. En ja, je hoeft niet zwart te zijn om een zwarte auteur te vertalen."

  • Exhibition Tour: Taming the Tongue in the Heyday of English Grammar (with Bryan A. Garner)

    24 maart 2021 A virtual tour of the Grolier Club exhibition "Taming the Tongue in the Heyday of English Grammar (1711-1851)," led by the collector / curator Bryan A. Garner. The exhibition runs March 4-May 15, 2021.



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