Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper is a British-born freelance journalist, copywriter and content engineer. He has a wide range of writing experience, from penning entire annual reports to scribbling snappy clickbait listicles. This puts him a good position to pass on some of the latest tricks of the wordsmith's trade to a wider audience.

"When I pivoted from print to digital, I learned two things. First, that the basics of good writing are still very important. Second, the additional skills needed to compete with today's digital natives are just as important as the words themselves. I hope to share some of these insights to assist those being asked to spend more and more time on the digital road."

Mike has worked for a range of blue chip corporate clients such as ABN Amro, ING, Heineken, Shell, Aegon and KPN. He was editor-in-chief of KLM's inflight magazine Holland Herald for a decade. Before that, he was a staff reporter for Het Financieele Dagblad. Much more recently he was embedded for several months in a young and hip digital editorial agency in Amsterdam, disguised as a potted plant.

You can find Mike's corporate website here.

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    Deelnemer aan de "Gevoel voor stijl" (mei 2016)

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